Dr.Hemp La Flame Kit

Style: Yellow base
Sale price$119.99


Be the Highest in the room with our Special La Flame Ergonomic Edition all in one kit.

This kit Features our Triple Ring bent neck glass piece, with In-built Inline Slit Cut Percolator which is designed to filter the smoke Super Smooth & Clean Inhale. We have used very unique Wig Wag Artwork around the Percolator, Below the Neck, and on the Hornet.

This Ergonomic Kit includes La Flame Glass Piece, Our Dr. Hemp Logo Etched No-Weld Seamless Orb Terp Slurper with Marble Set.

Along with that we added in built Sereen Glass Bowl featuring Spiral Art Handle. 

Through the Fire & Flames

FOR HEMP USE ONLY. "HEMP" In Compliance with The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill). Must be +21 or Older to add to cart.

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