Frosted Color Beaker 11-inch

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This Beaker Glass Bong boasts a bright or bold colored glass.

Inside its water chamber sits a domed UFO Percolator. This percolator features 
a tube that comes up through the middle from the chamber below, that is covered by a larger domed tube reaching down to the percolator where air and smoke exits into the water as bubbles.

For a cooler smoking experience, simply stack ice cubes on top of its ice notches and bubble away.

Product Details

Thick Quality Glass Available in Multiple Colors. 

    • 11 inches Tall
    • 4 inches Diameter 
    • 14mm Fitting 
    • Matching Bowl
    • Frosted Color
    • UFO Domed Percolator in the Center 
    • Removable Glass Stem and bowl Piece
    • Ice Notches ( Ice Catcher)

Extra Bowls found Here! 

Extra Banger found Here! 

Extra Down Stems found Here! 

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