Blazy Susan Cones

Style: Original Size Pink (6 per Pack)
Sale price$2.99


All the rolling papers are proudly vegan, chlorine-free and they're Non-GMO. The pink color is a natural dye that is made from natural materials. These mixed together give the Blazy Susan Rolling Papers a slow burn with very minimal aftertaste. Each leaf is made in France.

The rolling papers are a steal! Each booklet comes with almost almost double the amount the competition includes. The usual is 32 leaves per booklet while these are 50. Each display box also comes with 50 packs.

One thing that separates Blazy Susan from other companies is that they took the time to listen to what smokers want. Many people complained about papers being hard to roll so these pink papers are made from 14.5GSM wood pulp. This gives it more of a self-stick along with durability. The thin papers are tough but sturdy! Each paper comes with 100% natural Arabic gum.


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