Daze Fusion Salt Ice 30ML

MG: 30 MG
Flavor: Lemon Passion Blueberry Ice
Sale price$16.99


Flavor Profile:

  • Banana Cantaloupe Honeydew- Indulge In The Refreshing Taste Of Ripe Bananas, Sweet Cantaloupe, And Fresh Honeydew.
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava- You Can’t Go Wrong With A Tropical Twist Like This, Check Out The Refreshing Flavor Combination Of Sour Kiwi, Tart Passionfruit, And Sweet Guava.
  • Lemon Passionfruit Blueberry- Enjoy The Sweet And Sour Mixture Of Sour Lemonade, Tart Passion Fruit, And Wild Blueberry.
  • Orange Yuzu Tangerine- Need A Citrus Fix, This Blend Of Sweet Orange And Tangy Tangerine With Yuzu Will Be Your New Favorite Flavor!
  • Pineapple Coconut Banana- Escape To Paradise With Our Tropical Mixture Of Sweet And Sour Pineapple, Fresh Coconut And Ripe Banana.

  • Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon- Enjoy The Sweet Sensation Of Tart Raspberries, Crisp Green Apple And Refreshing Watermelon.
  • Grape Apple AloeEnjoy The Refreshing Flavor Combination Of Smooth Aloe With A Perfect Blend Of Crisp Apple And Juicy Grape.
  • Grapefruit Orange Mango- Looking For A Tangy Sweet Mix, Try This Sour Grapefruit, Tangy Orange, And Juicy Mango Combination.
  • Pineapple Mango Orange- Indulge In Your Favorite Tropical Flavors, One Puff At A Time, With This Luscious Mixture Of Sweet Pineapple, Juicy Mango, And Fresh Orange.
  • Orange Cream Mango- Love Orange Creamsicles But Want A Little Punch, Pick Up This Dreamy Orange Cream And Delicious Mango Combination.
  • Strawberry Banana Apple- When You Need A Traditional Fruit Mix Taste, This Decadent Mix Of Mouthwatering Strawberry, Ripe Banana, And Juicy Apple Is The Flavor For You.
  • Strawberry Blackberry Lemon- Experience The Next Level Of Sweet And Sour With This Invigorating Blend Of Delicious Red Strawberries, Wild Blackberries, And Sour Lemons.
  • Strawberry Mango Nectarine- Looking For That Summertime Fine Flavor All Wrapped Into One? Then This Mixture Of Sweet Strawberries Mixed With Succulent Mango And Luscious Nectarines Is What You Are Looking For.
  • Yellow Green Red Mango- Suck On The Sweet And Ripe Mixture Of Yummy Yellow, Sour Green, And Rambunctious Red Mangos.
  • Watermelon Apple Pear- A Blast Of Ripe Watermelon, Crisp Apple, And Fresh Pear Is The Perfect Fruity Combination You Have Been Waiting For.

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