Piece Water Solution

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  • 12 oz. Bottle
  • 100% All Natural and safe 
  • Proprietary Blend of All Natural Food Grade Mineral, Vegetable, and Fruit Extracts
  • Clean Pure Water Pipe After Cleaning
  • Use on Flower or Concentrate Pipes

Piece Water Solution 12oz.


This Piece Water Solution 12 oz. helps keep all your bongs and water pipes super clean. After each use, you water pipe will look brand new. This is one of the best water pipe cleaners.

This non-toxic solution is perfect to use on any glass water pipes. This Piece Water Solution 12oz. On average, a glass water pipe takes about 2oz. of water so this bottle can be used about 6 times.



  1. Start with a Clean Water Pipe
  2. Shake Gently
  3. Add Piece Water to Water Pipe
  4. Enjoy

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