Pod Juice Salt Nic Freeze 30ml

MG: 35 MG
Style: Lemon Mint
Sale price$16.99


all flavors are icy and fresh. 

  • Jewel Mango- A Luscious And Smooth Mango Flavor That Will Have You Begging For More.
  • Jewel Mint- This Flavor Is Incredibly Popular With Menthol Smokers And Those Who Simply Want A Refreshing Experience.
  • Watermelon Burst- A Watermelon Chew That Releases A Sweet, Watermelon Juicy Extract With Each And Every Exhale.
  • Banana ICE- Banana Vape Juice With An Icy Hint Of Mint.
  • Jewel Mint Sapphire: Taste Of Unsweetened Cool Mint.
  • Cotton Carnival- Twirled Blue Raspberry And Pink Vanilla Burst In Your Mouth With A Light, Fluffy Fizz That Will Take You Back To Amusement Park Fun-- Without The Sticky Fingers.
  • Jolly Blue Razz: The Most Flavorful Blue Raspberry That Releases A Sweet And Tangy Juicy Extract
  • Strawberry Banana ICE: Taste Of Lush Strawberries And A Banana Ice Flavor That Is A Tropical Paradise.
  • Jewel Mint Lush ICE: An Exotic Watermelon Flavor That Exhibits An Icy Menthol Rush.

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