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Size: 110mm
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Whether you're an inexperienced roller or just want an extra hand and no-fuss rolling, you can count on the RAW Automatic Rolling Box to help you maintain your Roll-Your-Own lifestyle! The curved design of the rolling box makes it naturally fit snug in a pocket for you to take it and go!

This RAWtomatic Rolling Box isn't like other rolling machines: there is no endless twisting of belts, no need to worry about replacing aprons, and there's zero fuss and a 100% happiness guarantee! Raw has developed this Automatic Rolling Box to be simple, fast, and fun, certain to be an excellent addition to your repertoire. Once you get used to it, using it is super simple.

The gently curved body is made from a strong black aluminum and is constructed with extra strong rivets with a non-stretch cloth apron to ensure many years of perfectly rolled smokes. This rolling box isn't like other rolling machines and may seem tricky at first, but once you've mastered it and seen how fast and perfect every smoke turns out, you'll never want to roll a smoke by hand again!

Unlike similar machines which may hardly last longer than a month, the RAW Automatic Rolling Box is built to last a lifetime and contributes to RAW's philosophy about sustainability: a product that sustains itself simply being well built and well designed.

Despite its small size this rolling box features enough space at the bottom to hold a few boxes of papers and a pouch of your herbs, all without sacrificing the box's rolling ability. You can pack it up, roll it up, and enjoy with no worries!




Though it may seem a little tricky at first, follow these easy steps to be rolling like a pro in no time, creating perfect smokes every time!

  1. Open the box lid and push the apron back to create a trough to fill with tobacco. Take care not to fill too much as this can make the machine difficult to operate.
  2. Lightly moisten the gummed edge of your paper and place it in the trough behind the tobacco. Make sure the gummed edge is facing you and is at the top.
  3. Start closing the lid slowly in order to engage the paper. Close the box with slow and continuous pressure on both sides of the lid.
  4. A perfectly rolled cigarette will appear through the closed lid. It really is that simple! Remove & enjoy!


That's right, this is an ADJUSTABLE Raw Automatic Rolling Box! You can mount the apron 6 different ways. This lets you roll 'em however skinny or fat you like. Variety is the spice of life, and Raw brought the hot sauce!

  1. First thing is to disconnect the top of the apron. See that pin attached to the apron that holds it to the box? Grab that pin and slide it of the left or right. It will allow you to remove the pin from the mounting hole. Ever replace a roll of paper towels? It's a lot like that: secure one side, then the other.
  2. Now we're going to disconnect the bottom of the apron the same way we did the top.
  3. ...And remove the apron completely.
  4. Time to select your rolling size! Where the apron connected at the bottom are 6 holes on either side of the box lid. If you wanna roll skinny, you'll be placing the pin in the bottom hole. Feel like rolling fat? Then you'll be placing the pin in the top hole. Choose any of the 6 holes to select which size is right for you.
  5. We're going to re-attach the apron by starting at the bottom. Place one end of the metal pin in the hole for the size you selected. Now slide the bar to the left or right to secure the opposite end of the pin into the other hole. Just like putting in a new roll of paper towels on the dispenser: Secure one side, then the other.
  6. I bet you're thinking "Now the top, right?" Yup! Re-attach the top by placing one end of the metal pin in the hole and sliding it to either the left or right to ensure the other end of the pin fits securely into the opposite hole. Remember: one side, then the other.
  7. You did it! We never doubted you for a moment. Now you can choose to roll whatever size and whenever you want! Time to grab your pack of Raw and roll yourself a reward. RAWk on!

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