Resolution Bong & Pipe Cleaning Kit (240mL)

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  • Cleans All Glass
  • Caps Included to Close Out Airways and Prevent Spills
  • No Alcohol - No Abrasives
  • VOC Compliant 

Resolution Bong & Pipe Cleaning Kit (240mL)

It's hard to want to smoke when your glass water pipe is full of resin and caked an inch thick. Not only does it look ugly but it tastes funky. That's why the Resolution cleaning kit has been introduced.

Being able to clean your bong or pipe can be super helpful. From the the way it looks to the way it smokes, you'd be amazed. Cleaning it is also super easy. 

Using the Resolution Cleaning Kit

Using the Resolution bong and pipe cleaning kit is super easy. Start off by pouring the resolution gel into your glass accessory. Simply cap off the end to make sure there won't be any spills. Once capped, go ahead and start swirling it around and shake it upside down. Give it a nice thorough clean. You can open the top cal and use the brush included too. The cotton swabs are used for hand pipes and bangers or nails.


  • Res Gel (240mL)
  • Red Caps
  • Stick Brush
  • Cotton Swabs


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